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The history of bingo is one that is well understood, but rarely thought of. This is one of the most widely played games, world wide and in the United States. We have researched a brief history of Bingo for all interested parties, and we have detailed the transition from the older variants to contemporary play, and even the transition from live, paper bingo to digital, Internet bingo. While this may not help you win at the game, it will at least give you some insight to one of the world's most widely played games.

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The Origin Of Bingo & Early History Of The Game

Though some choose to begin the history of bingo with an Italian lottery stemming back to the 1530s, it would be more prudent to begin in the United States, circa 1929. The game of bingo, then known as "beano," had reached the United States in this year. In Bingo History, the game was first played in a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. A toy salesman from New York, Edwin Lowe, had eventually changed the name from Beano to Bingo, ostensibly because someone had accidentally screamed out bingo upon their victory.

After the stint in Georgia, Mr. Lowe had ended up back in New York to build the success of the game. The game proved to be an instantaneous source of excitement, and just needed some expansion in order to prove completely successful. Some stories of the origins of bingo state Lowe had hired a math professor in order to help him build more cards. Carl Leffler took the job, and set to work in creating 6,000 unique Bingo Cards. The price of the card creation grew increasingly expensive, costing roughly $100 per card by the end of the creation process. Adjusted for inflation from 1930 to 2009, that would represent almost $1,273 per card! Most modern accounts of this state that Leffler went insane from his number crunching.

Bingo's Rise To Popularity

The popularity of bingo really picked up after a priest in Pennsylvania asked Lowe for the right to use the game as a way for the church to raise funds. From then on, the game had picked up in popularity. Now a days, the game of bingo is played world wide through a variety of different methods, with different rules, themes, patterns, and people. Slingo is one major example of what bingo has become.

Evolution Of Bingo & Introduction To The Internet

From the Internet, using online bingo, to the use of cards in a live setting, bingo has truly come very far from its roots. As one of the world's most popular games, the history of bingo has definitely become a major part of leisure in society.

On a side note, the history of bingo includes the first online bingo site, "Bingo Zone," which launched in 1996.

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