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Depending on where you live, 75 Ball Bingo is probably the game you are familiar with. Most commonly played in North America, 75 ball bingo has essentially become the standard form of play online. Most of the online bingo halls use this set of rules to operate their games. Due to the simplicity of these rules, any player can actively get involved in the events, winning prizes and cash every step of the way.

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Basics of 75 Ball Bingo

In 75 Ball Bingo, players use the cards that are made from a 5x5 grid. With five horizontal, or sideways rows, and five vertical rows, or five that run up and down, 75 ball bingo cards come with 25 spaces, including one free space. The idea is to fill out a predetermined pattern, which can be any of the 300 or more standard bingo patterns available.

The vertical columns in 75 ball bingo are the ones associated with the letters B, I, N, G, and O. The B column contains the numbers 1 to 15, the I column holds the numbers 16-30, the N column holds the numbers 31-45, G contains 46-60, and O contains 61-75. Every card is different, and the number of possibilities is nearly endless.

The free space in 75 Ball Bingo is always in the center of the N column, directly in the middle of the card.

How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

When the numbers are called, players must mark the number off on their card. Since there are so many types patterns and an even larger number of card combinations, no two 75 Ball Bingo Games ever have to be the same.

Objective of 75 Ball Bingo

The idea of the game is to be the one who achieves the predetermined pattern ahead of any other. The first person to fill out the pattern and have the numbers confirmed by the caller, the person calling the numbers, will win the prize. In the event of a time, the players will split the pot.

Where Can I Play 75 Ball Bingo?

The 75 Ball Bingo Game is quicker and easier than most other variants. This is the main reason that this game is as popular as it is. Since large prizes can be awarded through such events as a cover all, a game in which all squares on the card must be covered, the 75 Ball Bingo game has been booming in popularity even more than ever before.

Bingo Sites Featuring 75 Ball Bingo


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