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One of the latest trends in the world of bingo is that of the 80 ball bingo. This form of bingo is considered by many to be a combination of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. While it is quicker and easier than 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo is somewhat slower than 75 ball bingo. While not the most common form of bingo to be found through an online bingo hall, it is still available and provides a great deal of fun to the player who would seek out this type.

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Basics of 80 Ball Bingo

Though 80 ball bingo closely resembles 75 ball bingo, there is one major difference, other than the number of balls. In 80 ball bingo, the lay out of the card s totally different from 75 balls. In 80 ball bingo, a 4x4 card is used instead of a 5x5 card. The four up and down, or vertical columns are color coded - Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver. The numbers 1-20 can be red, 21-40 can be yellow, 41-59 are blue, and 60-80 are silver. This adds 5 balls to the event, all the while shortening the number of spaces on the board. With no free space, players have to fill out their card on their own.

Patterns Used In 80 Ball Bingo

Patterns are typically built into the cards, and these patterns are once again reminiscent of 75 ball bingo. In 80 ball bingo, players will most commonly be aiming for diagonal lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines, an "X" shape, the outline of the square, the four corner spots, and the smaller square in the middle. Coveralls are also used in 80 ball bingo. With the number of possibilities even higher through 80 ball bingo, the games have proven more exciting.

Where Can I Play 80 Ball Bingo Online?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any bingo hall that offers 80 ball bingo online. This is because we only stick to the most trusted of all online bingo halls. In order to keep our players safe, we are exploring possibilities of online bingo halls that offer 80 ball bingo. When the time comes that we find a bingo hall that we trust that also offers 80 ball bingo, it will promptly be added to our site.

Sites To Feature 80 Ball Bingo As It Becomes Available


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