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Entertainment and excitement are the main themes of bingo, and you can find that there are little bingo chat games that take place in addition to the game. There are many forms of bingo chat game, and most of them can actually award cash. Not real cash in the sense, but cash that can be used to purchase cards and enter the different games. These games add to the excitement and winning potential of the games, and can easily afford you extra cash.

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How Do I Join Bingo Chat Games & Do I Have To Participate?

Bingo chat games are essentially games that are operated by the chat monitor, or the CM. All real money players can participate, and anyone is eligible to join. You do not have to participate if you do not want to, but participation is open to all. You will essentially be participating in a game that uses words based on the numbers, and the possibilities are nearly limitless.

When Do Bingo Chat Games Occur?

If an online bingo room offers their players bingo chat games, then you can be assured that there is a schedule available. The games will typically not run all day, but they can be found. Ranging from trivia to more propositional games, the circumstances for victory can be straight forward or much harder. Those who can type fast and pay attention to the chat can succeed better than others, but everyone essentially has fair footing in the games.

List Of Different Bingo Chat Games

Through our bingo halls, multiple games can be played. We have provided a small list of the online bingo chat games that are commonly available through bingo halls we have available.

Alpha Buddies
- If the winner of the bingo game starts with the same letter as your screen name, you win.
- All players are provided with a complete record of their transactions

Beat The House Coveralls
- Plays only on coverall patterns
- In this game, players pick 3 consecutive numbers under the same column. The CM Will have B5-B6-B7. If all three of a chatters numbers are called before the Chat Monitors, then the chatter will win. Only the first chatter to do so will succeed.

Blackjack Bingo
- Pick 3 numbers that equal 21. Once these numbers are called, players can call Blackjack and win the prize. Only the first chatter to do so will win the pot.

Block Party
- Pick any number between 1 and 75 to be your block number.
- Blocks run in sets of 5. Examples include 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and so on. If the last number called is on your block number, you win.

- Pick either B, I, N, G, or O as your tent.
- The last number called determines what tent wins. All chatters that chose the letter of the last number will win.

- Pick a color of bingo ball - Blue, Red, White, Green, or yellow.
- The first or last number called determines the color for each game. All chatters that chose the color win.

Family Feud
- The CM will ask a question. Chatters try to guess the #1 answer, and the first to do so wins.

Four Corners
- Pick out 2 B numbers and 2 O numbers. Once those numbers are called, players must type 4 Corners. The first chatter to do so wins.

Gilda Stinks
- Pick 1 B number and 1 O number, BO. Once both numbers are called, type GILDA STINKS. The first to call it out wins.

- Pick a number from G, I, and N. When all 3 numbers are called, type GIN. First chatter to do so wins.

- Pick a number between 1 and 75. When this number comes out type HOTSEAT. The first chatter to do so wins $1, and can give another player of their choice $1

- Six numbers are picked, then posted on the Keno page. Keno is played every game all the numbers are used. One call may take place per game, and the first chatter to type KENO wins.

Love My Neighbor
- If the person above or below you in the chatter list wins bingo, type LOVE MY NABOR to win.

Lucky Dauber
- The first chatter to win bingo gets the dauber. Whenever another chatter wins, they get the dauber and $0.50 is added to a jackpot. At the end of the event, the chatter holding the dauber wins the total prize.

Mad Gab
- The CM will give a phrase or a group of words, such as "ASK RUDE ARRIVE HER." Chatters will have to decipher the phrase, in this case A SCREWDRIVER, will win.

Match Game
- Pick a number 0-9. If any number ending in that number is called in the first 15 numbers, you win .25 per number called.

Mystery Neighbors
- When a chatter wins, add the last number called and adding that number together, for example 66 = 6+6 = 12, then count up and down the chat list from the winner. Those players get $1 each.

- If a chatter hits bingo, the person above and below them in the chat list are neighbors. They win $1 each.

- Pick a number between 1 and 75. Once that number is called type NEXTOUT. First chatter to do so wins.

Opposites Attract
- Pick 2 odd numbers and 2 even numbers. First chatter to get all of their numbers and type OPPOSITES ATTRACT wins.

Pick 3
- pick 3 numbers. Once those three numbers are called, type PICK THREE. First chatter to do so wins.

Postage Stamp
- Pick 2 B's and 2 I's or 2 G's and 2 O's. Once all four numbers are called, type POSTAGESTAMP. Only the first chatter wins.

- Pick a number from 1-15. When all numbers in a row are called, for example, if you choose 1, 1-16-31-46-61, type RACES to win.

- Pick a number 1-75. If that number comes out 1st, you win $3. In 2-5 calls win $2, and after 5 only $1. Type ROULETTE AND IN X NUMBERS CALLED.

Spell Bingo
- Chatters choose a number from each row, B, I, N, G, O. Once all 5 numbers are called type I SPELLED BINGO.

Take The Money or Run
- Pick a number from B. If that number comes before any other chatter, type MONEY. Then choose to either take the winning or run for the money. If the chatter chooses to run for the money, their B must come out in the next valid game in order to win double, otherwise half is awarded.

- The CM will give you a list of three things. The chatters try to determine what the three things have in common. First chatter to do so wins.

- The CM will ask a random trivia question. First person to answer wins.

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