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Out of all of the variants of bingo, Three Eyed Bingo has proven to be one of the most popular. Three Eyed Bingo has even more possibilities than other forms of bingo, for a variety of reasons. The game has proven to be one of the most entertaining, as well as one of the most profitable. We have explored the game, detailed everything pertaining to the game, and set out a few examples below.

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Basics of Three Eyed Bingo

First and foremost, you are given three 5x5, 75 ball bingo cards. These three cards will be set side to side, and the free space is to be replaced by an eyeball. While moderately unsettling, this sets the theme of the game. In Three Eyed Bingo, you will be set with three different patterns, one on each card. The patterns will typically spell a small word - perhaps DAD or THE or something similar. The idea of the game is to spell out the word on the three cards. The first player to do so will be awarded the prize and granted the winnings.

Advantages of Playing Three Eyed Bingo

Three Eyed Bingo is one of the more exotic forms of bingo variant. Since it is essentially a spin off of 75 ball bingo, it follows the standard rules of that game. It adds to the excitement by adding multiple cards into one single game, so you will be able to have more fun then ever before. Online bingo has made three eyed bingo even more popular, as it provides players with chances to win a great success.

Where Can Three Eyed Bingo Be Played Online?

Currently, none of the USA bingo halls provide their players with a chance to enjoy Three Eyed Bingo. As with most other rare forms of online bingo, we will keep our eyes peeled for USA bingo halls that do include three eyed bingo, so check back periodically. In the mean time, you can enjoy other forms of online bingo, such as 75 ball bingo, that make up the Three Eyed Bingo games.

Sites Soon To Feature Three Eyed Bingo


With Three Eyed Bingo being a new variant of the game, not all online bingo halls have caught on. In fact, the game is only found at a few select bingo sites and honestly, we don't recommend them. We will recommend Vics Bingo because we can attest to the service they offer as well the bonuses they give to every new player. A $5 no deposit bonus is given all new players just for registering a new account at Vics. Beyond that, two nice matching deposit bonuses, each unlimited and each worth 150%, are granted to those making their initial deposits. As soon as Vics Bingo has Three Eyed Bingo, you'll here about it here. Visit Vics Bingo


We always try to bring you the best bingo sites for all games including Three Eyed Bingo however that isn't a possibility at this time. We know it will be available soon so we have no reservations about telling you about Bingo Hall. Bingo Hall is a leader in the industry and has some terrrific games and bonuses to offer all new players. It starts with a $5 no deposit bonus and extends to two 150% matching deposit bonuses. Neither bonus has a cap which means it is good for unlimited funds. Bingo Hall is going to take care of everything you need and that definitely includes Three Eyed Bingo Games Online as soon as they're available. Visit Bingo Hall

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