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Playing Online Bingo Games is now as simple as choosing the online bingo room that suits your needs and playing there. Is it more complicated than that? Yes, but we're going to guide you so that you won't feel lost in what can sometimes be a confusing world. On this page we're going to cover some of the basic games that are offered at online bingo halls, as well as recommend the sites we feel best fill the need for quality and reputable online bingo. We truly have your best interests in heart, even if we can't recommend a bingo hall with game you're wanting to play.

Different Types of Online Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo - This is the most common of bingo games. This game is standard and is played on the traditional 5x5 card. The only twist on this game is that of patterns. 75 ball bingo can be played with over 300 separate patterns. Learn more about 75 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo - This is slightly more complex than traditional bingo. Instead of a 5x5 card, you will start with a 4x4 cards. Instead of B-I-N-G-O columns, the columns are color coded. Balls through a certain number range are designated a color. Learn more about 80 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo - Played on a 9x3 card, 90 Ball Bingo is unlike the other two bingo games entirely. Instead of being the first to reach a certain pattern, 90 Ball Bingo works with building a "Hand." Patterns in each column designate a value. At the end of the game, cards are tallied to find the best hand with a full house being the best result. Learn more about 90 Ball Bingo

Three Eyed Bingo - This game is like 75 ball bingo but on steroids. In Three Eyed bingo, players begin with three 5x5 cards. To win the game, players must make the designated patterns for all three cards, the first to complete the challenge wins. Learn about Three Eyed Bingo

Bingo Chat Games - This is a large assortment of games run by the CM or Chat Monitor. Depending on the game that is called, different people win. This can be based off of another user winning or a variety of crazy things. Learn more about Bingo Chat Games

Online Bingo Rooms With Variety Of Bingo Games

Vics Bingo

First Two Deposits Get 150% To Unlimited Bonuses

Vics Bingo

Bingo Hall

150% Unlimited Bonus On First Two Deposits

Bingo Hall

South Beach Bingo

150% to $750 On First Two Deposits Made

South Beach Bingo

Why Our Online Bingo Sites Don't Have Every Game

Unfortunately, not all of our recommended online bingo sites have all the games we've listed above. The reason for this is that we're simply not going to tell you to go play at a site where we haven't played and furthermore do not trust. Your experience comes first above anything else and we are going to make sure that it is a good one, even if it doesn't have all the different bingo games. If you want to venture into the world, you'll be doing it without us. Just remember that we didn't recommend that site should you have a bad experience.

Best Online Bingo Game Sites


Our very first bingo hall we ever promoted was They've been on their game ever since we've made our first deposit to the last player we sent to them. We have no reservations about recommending Bingo Hall because of the fine level of service they have showed us. Unfortunately, primarily features 75 ball bingo and bingo chat games... 80, 90, nor three eyed bingo is available here. If you can get past that, Bingo Hall gives all new players $5 for signing up but then they back that with two 150% matching deposit bonuses neither of which has a maximum bonus value. Bingo Hall is sure to have something to please. Visit Bingo Hall


Vics Bingo never ceases to impress us whenever we go back to their site. Vics is always changing and even though they don't offer 80 ball, 90 ball, or three eyed bingo, it's not unlikely those games will soon be available. Currently, the most popular games at Vics are 75 ball bingo with patterns and different bingo chat games. Like others, Vics gives all first time players $5 completely free for signing up and then a deposit bonus. Vic deposit bonus are two 150% matching deposit bonuses that are unlimited. These are granted on the first and second deposits. Try Vics and we're confident you'll be please with the Online Bingo Games offered. Visit Vics Bingo

USA Bingo Rooms Bingo Deposit Bonuses Games Offered Visit
Bingo Hall 150% Unlimited - 1st & 2nd Deposit 75 Ball / Chat Games Visit
Vics Bingo 150% Unlimited - 1st & 2nd Deposit 75 Ball / Chat Games Visit
South Beach Bingo 150% to $750 - 1st & 2nd Deposit 75 Ball / Chat Games Visit
Bingo For Money 100% Unlimited On 1st Deposit 75 Ball / Chat Games Visit