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The bingo rules are fairly straight forward, but they can vary by location and type of game. The variance of these rules can even make the game more fun. Though some of the smaller rules change, most notably the spaces you need to cover to win, the basics of the game almost always stay the same. The ease of the bingo rules has contributed to the popularity of the game, as the learning curve is very not steep.

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Bingo Card Layout

In bingo, you will always be given a card. In United States bingo, you will be given a card that is a grid with 5 rows, up and down, left and right. Twenty four of these spaces are numbered, while one is a free space. In order to win you must fill out the appropriate pattern. This can be anything from the spaces around the border to just a straight line. Since the numbers are drawn randomly, any player can win any game.

Variations of the American Bingo Card

In American bingo, there are over 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different cards. Each card has a different set of numbers, and each card is unique. Since there are dozens of different patterns that can be played, no game of bingo ever needs to be the same. You can change the rules of bingo any time you want, which means the fun never has to end.

Variations of the U.K. Bingo Card

In UK bingo, the card is laid out a little differently. A typical bingo card in the United Kingdom is a grid of 9 numbers across, with columns of 3 running up and down. There are also different ways to win in UK bingo, with a line, two lines, or a full house, covering all 15 numbers on the ticket, being the most common. There are other variations, especially with the online bingo rules, but these are the most common.

Sites Which Abide By Rules of Online Bingo


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