NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Previews

2009 NASCAR seasonJoin us ever week as we take a look at the race of the week every week. We'll give you track conditions, hot and cold streaks, and update you on any news NASCAR racing has broken in our NASCAR Weekly Race Previews. Our knowledgeable staff compiles a unique look into the weekend at hand and what is at stake for the key drivers. Instead of turning on the race and hoping to get caught up by the announcers in the booth, be fully prepared for the race and know what they are going to say ahead of time when using our Race Previews for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Get history notes on the track, quotes from rivals and learn how a team plans on recovering from a disappointing weekend. Get trends and betting statistics from our NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Previews before wagering at the Online Sportsbooks. All of these things allow you to compile your own unique perspective and make you aware of any potential landmines when placing a bet. The Chase for the Cup rages on so don't get left in the dust.

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Previews For This Week's NASCAR Sprint Cup Race