NASCAR Sprint Cup Standings

2009 NASCAR seasonAside from the staples of NASCAR, like Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson, huge performances or disappointing weekends have a way of shaking up the NASCAR Driver Standings like no other sport. One day your favorite driver is 6th, the next he's 13th. Track each driver's NASCAR season with us with our Driver's Standings every week. Some drivers favor certain months because of the tracks they consider ideal. When NASCAR drivers get on tracks they like, it is a good chance that you will see him move up in the Sprint Cup Standings.

As a fan, you can predict the ups-and-downs of the season with your friends and surprise them with your accurate predictions. Knowing Standings of the 2009 NASCAR Season will help you learn who to take, who to stay away from, and who needs to make a move. With our help, you might even make a couple of bucks along the way. Online Sportsbooks are always taking bets on the upcoming race, and you have up until an hour before the race to get your bets in. Also, remember that the top 12 make it into the Chase for the Sprint Cup, during the final 10 races.

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Driver Standings For NASCAR Sprint Cup