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The craps table offers different types of bets and to some this variety can make the game seem very complicated. The craps Lay Bet is the opposite of the Buy Bet and it includes the advantage of playing with true odds. You can’t place Craps Lay Bets on all numbers and you will have to pay a commission so some say that this type of bet is a waste of time. By statistics it could be a very lucrative deal to place a Lay Bet but in a game of luck there are never any guarantees no matter how great the odds are.

Place the Lay Bet

It goes to tell that the Craps Lay Bet has something that no other bet has if the USA casinos make you pay a commission just for taking it. The commission, also called Vigorish or Vig, is usually set to 5% and that is not a lot for one bet but could become a good sum in the long run. You can place the Lay Bet on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Contrary to the Buy Bet you want a 7 before the shooter rolls the number you bet on.

Lay Bet Odds

The Lay Bet odds pay according to true odds. This means that you get 1:2 for numbers 4 and 10, 2:3 for 5 and 9 and 5:6 for 6 and 8. As you’ve probably already figured you actually bet more than what you win. If you bet $20 dollar on 4 and win you will win $10. You do stand a better chance to win but you will have to play more to make it profitable. One could say that it is a safe way of gambling if you keep in mind that craps is a game of luck and there are days when you won’t win no matter how hard you try.

Craps Lay Bet advantages

The craps Lay Bets are pretty rare since they don’t offer the same excitement of other bets where small bets can make great winnings. The advantage of this bet is that you can make it at any time and you can also remove it when you want to. This gives you a certain kind of freedom and better control of your craps gaming. The best craps Lay Bet to make is on the 4 or the 10. Even if this seems simple enough you should only play this type of bet when you are sure that you understand the game, odds and online craps strategy.

Leave the Lay Bet “On”

You can leave the Craps Lay Bet on the table even as a new game is set off by a Come Out Roll. In a sense you are leaving your bet “on” this way. There are several reasons to why you should leave your Lay Bet for the new game. You do enjoy having an advantage to the house given all the ways a 7 could come up. You also get to share the wishes for a 7 with all the people that placed their bets on the Pass Line and this can be fun.

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