Craps Don't Pass Line Bet Craps Casino Games Craps Don't Pass Line Bet

The Craps Don’t Pass Line Bet is one of the very first bets a beginner craps player will become familiar with. This bet is easy to understand but it is important to know when it is best to play it. Craps is many times a very social game and the choices you make around the table affects how the other players feel about the game. For sure, you need to have your own strategy based on what is good for your game but many times it is recommended to simply stick to the Don’t Pass Line Bet reversed; the Pass Line Bet.

How it Works

Before the first shooter will throw the dice you make your bet and at this point you can choose the Craps Don’t Pass Line Bet. Once you have set down you chips on the area on the craps table labeled Don’t Pass Line you want to see the shooter roll a 2, 3 or 12. These numbers are called craps and they will make you win the bet. If the dice show a 7 or 11 you lost the bet. Any other number will establish a Point for you. The game continues and now you want a 7 to be rolled before the Point since this will leave you winning. Understanding the dice rules can make or break you in the game.

Why Not to Play It

If the Don’t Pass Line Bet is part of a system that is known to work well you might want to stick to this bet all though it could bring on some sour faces around the craps table at USA Casinos. You don’t compete against the other players since everyone makes their bets against the house but a Don’t Pass Line Bet can make many feel uncomfortable. The reason for this is that you are betting that what everyone else doesn't want to happen should, and this is not a very social thing to do.

Craps Don’t Pass Line Online

It's different when your playing online vs landbased casinos , because you have much more freedom to make the bets you want without any group pressure. Online you have your privacy and you can’t see the other players around the table any more than they can see you. This is an ideal setting to enjoy the Don’t Pass Line Bet so make use of it. Once a Point has been established you should stay in the game since the Point gives you an edge over the casino. The Don’t Pass Line Bet pays even money just likes its reversed version the Pass Line Bet.

The Craps Pass Line Bet

If you want to stay cool with everyone in a land-based casino you better stay to the reversed version of the Craps Don’t Pass Line Bet, the Pass Line Bet. This bet will leave you the winner if the Come Out Roll shows 7 or 11 and you will lose if it is a 2, 3 or 12. The Pass Line Bet has more space on the craps table layout than the Don’t Pass Line Bet since it is much more popular to play so you will find that it is a very easy bet to place. Players often flock to online casinos that offer players casino bonuses, to help increase their chances of winning at craps

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