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Just like the Pass Line Bet has a reversed version the Come Bet has the Craps Don’t Come Bet. This bet is really quite simple to understand but it might not always be the best choice to make. Regardless of what bet you want to make in craps it helps to know more about the different types of bets in general. Even if you end up playing the basic Pass Line Bet you are bound to understand the game better once you see what lies beyond the initial play.

The Unpopular Craps Bet

To begin with you should understand the Craps Don’t Come Bet isn’t suitable at every craps table. If you are playing in a land-based casino you will stand in a crowd of about 20 players and most are betting the opposite of this bet. For sure, you are not competing against each other but it isn’t a good feeling that you are wishing for a result that will make the others lose. If you really feel the urge to play this bet you should do so at one of the USA online casinos where no one will be hurt or offended by your choice.

How it Works

On the craps table layout you can see an area marked as the Don’t Come Bar. This is where you need to place your chips to make the craps Don’t Come Bet. This Bet is made after a Point has been set. That means that an initial round where most people bet on the Pass Line has already been made and the outcome of it was a number which made a Point. You will now bet that the shooter will roll a 7 before repeating the Point number. This means that you are betting the exact opposite of the Come Bet. If the dice shows a 2 or 3 you will also be a winner and win even money.

Good Odds on Craps

You will find that the house edge on Don’t Come Bets is just like the Don’t Pass Line Bets, 1.40. This is to your advantage and placing this bet could indeed be a very good choice. A special feature of this bet is that you can let it stay on the table and continue playing with it. You need to check what the specific online craps rules are the casino you have chosen and understand them well in order to make the most of this bet. It is always a good idea to compare casinos and check what other craps players recommend for Don’t Come Bets.

Practice for Free

Never underestimate the free versions of craps that you may find at some of the best craps online gambling sites. As mentioned, the Craps Don’t Come Bet is best to play in an online casino and you will most likely find a craps table where you can practice for free before entering real dough. A free online craps game should always be used as a way to understand the game. Don’t compare the results you get in it to what the outcome of the real games will be as it might make you disappointed.

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