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Few think about the hundreds of years of development the game of craps has gone through. Craps feels like such a modern game that it can be hard to believe that craps history goes back many hundreds of years and includes several continents. It is uncertain just how the game got the name craps but most seem to agree on that it is a version of Hazard which could have been an English invention. Modern Craps History includes the development of the dice into fair equipment that can’t be corrupted by individual players.

The Game of the Crusaders

If Hazard, from which craps was developed, was invented in England it most likely was played by the Crusaders. The History of Craps says that Sir William of Tyre and his knights to have invented the original game plot of Hazard. They would have played the game with dice as they laid siege to a castle named Asart. The name of the castle is believed to have inspired the name of the game. There is also the possibility that the name of the game is Arabic in origin as the Arabic words for dice, alzar or azza, are also similar to hazard.

Craps History in Europe

Hazard enjoyed great popularity in Europe and especially so in England and France. In England it was the game of the rich and huge sums of money were lost and won by noblemen who had the time and the means to enjoy it. The name for losing a throw of two was Crabs and it seems rather obvious that the current name comes from this. The French are said to have given craps its later name based on this throw but it is hard to find any documented proof of this. What is certain though is that the Europeans played this game with dice even if they termed it differently.

Craps becomes Craps

Like so many games found at USA casinos , craps as we know it today is a very American game. It could have been the French or the British that brought it to America but the game was then greatly simplified. In the USA shooting with dice is sometimes called African Dominoes. There are those who say that it was the African slaves in the South that invented the game of craps in the early 19th century. From the South the game was spread throughout America by the help of the river boats on the Mississippi river.

Modern Craps History

The man behind craps as we know it today was John H Winn an American that developed the game so that the player could bet with or against the shooter. It was his version of the game that made it into the casinos of the 20th century and it is this version we still play today. Cheating with crooked dice had been an issue which was solved by this upgrade and the online craps of today are very hard to cheat. More and more players see the beauty of playing craps online. The online casinos have also made this game into an all-mans-game attracting any type of player to its table. Surely another chapter to be added into Craps History. Our craps casino reviews will guide players to the best craps online gambling ever to be offered online.

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