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The craps table sometimes scares people off because they think that craps is a complicated game and that is just because they dont know how to play craps. If you play craps in one of the land-based USA casinos you might feel too embarrassed to give it a try. Online you have plenty of options for learning this game in your own pace and without involving real money. To get started you need to understand how to place a bet and there are many bets in craps! Luckily you can get by if you just master the most common ones and by the time you will learn to recognize even the rarest and special forms of bets.

Shooting the Craps Dice

In craps online gambling the computer will shoot the dice for you. This is both good and a bit disappointing to some. If you play craps in a land-based casino you will soon realize that there is no way that you can control the outcome by trying to control the role. Dice are frequently exchanged and you have to shoot with one hand which makes it hard to control the outcome. At one of the online casinos you will just press a bottom to throw the dice and you can rest assure that you and all the other players get a fair game.

The Game Begins

The come out roll is what marks the beginning of a new game of craps and is the first thing you should know when learning how to play craps. All players will place their bets on the craps table and then the shooter will make the roll. It doesn’t matter who is shooting the dice since everyone are playing against the house and not against each other. If the player who rolls the dice produces a 7 or 11 this is called a Pass Line bet winner and the game ends. A 2, 3 or 12 also end the game as a Pass Line loser. Any other number establishes what is called a Point after which the game continues.

The Most Common Craps Bets 

The first bet that can be made is called the Pass Line bet. With this you will win if the shooter gets a 7 or 11 and you will lose if the dice show 2, 3 or 12. When a point is established it must be rolled before a 7 for you to win. The reversed version of this bet is called a Don’t Pass line bet. With this bet you want the opposite scenario meaning that you will win if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12. This bet is well suited for online play where no one will take offense when you bet against what most want to happen. People in person can tell if you know how to play craps or not and will not usually get mad either way.

Practice Craps for Free

If you want to learn how to play craps without fear of losing your money it is a very good idea to try free online craps. You can have one page open where the different types of bets are described as you try them for real in the free game. Real time practice is the best way to become a good craps player but wait with involving the money till you’ve got the basics down.

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