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A good craps game can get very exciting and words and elbows need to be kept in place in order to keep a good atmosphere. A new player could get confused and find it hard to get into the game without making mistakes. It is easier to have good Craps Etiquette online since it involves less interaction between players. Still, you need to keep cool and calm and treat both players and casino staff nicely no matter where you choose to play. Here are some tips and important things to think about when you want to act with class around the craps table.

Learn the Game

No one appreciates the novice that doesn’t even know the very basics of the game not to mention Etiquette for Playing Craps. If you need to ask your fellow players around the table what to do during the actual game this could get very disturbing. Make sure to know the game before you take a seat around the table. Know the types of bets and understand how craps online gambling works. It is allowed to be a beginner and everyone was at some point but not to the extent that you mess up the game for the other players. Online you can make use of free games before you start playing for money and this is a great way to learn the rules of craps.

Be Polite

It might seem as an obvious thing but the fact is that some players aren’t polite enough when they engage in a game of craps. Making a joke about someone else’s mistake or bad throw isn’t funny to everyone and such behavior should be kept away from the craps table. It is also best to keep a low tone of voice no matter how excited you get if you happen to be winning. Screaming at the top of your lungs straight into someone’s ear is not polite no matter how friendly you are trying to be. Online you should consider your language in chat room and make sure to be nice even when you might be losing your games.

No Funny Tricks

Don’t distract other players with little tricks when you place your bets or roll the dice, even though it's not technically against the dice rules, it's distracting. Everyone have a gimmick or two that they use for luck and that’s just fine as long as this doesn’t affect the other players. Good Craps Etiquette includes handling the dice in a normal way. Don’t start blowing on them for luck when it is your turn to shoot. This could greatly disgust other players that will have to shoot with the same dice.

The Craps Table is for Craps

When you stand by the craps table in one of the land-based USA casinos you might be tempted to put down your drink or some other personal belonging on it. This is a very rude thing to do as it takes space and makes it difficult to see the bets properly. You should keep the table clear and also stay away from placing bets when the dice is about to roll as this could interrupt the throw. If you want to watch the game, make sure that you are not blocking the view of someone who is actually active betting in it when trying to get a space by a crowded table.

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