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Craps Buy Bets are somewhat controversial in that some people completely shun them while other wouldn’t think of any other type of bet. A Buy Bet is easy to make and it does come with the advantage that you get paid according to true odds. On the backside, you have to pay the casino a commission and if you are not in a winning streak you might lose more than if you where just to place a regular bet. By learning more about this online gambling bet you can use it when it is the best choice and simply shun it when it is just another way for the USA online casinos to make a profit on your shoulders.

How it works 

With the craps Buy Bet you bet that one number will come up before 7. To make this type of craps bet you will have to pay the casino a commission which usually stays around 4% to 5%. When you play in a land-based casino you make up with the dealer before you make the bet how much and when you will be charged the commission. You’d be surprised how flexible this can be so make sure to ask before you go with any pre-printed information handed to you, as it might not be able to be trusted.

The Numbers You Can Buy

You can’t make a craps Buy Bet on all numbers. There are six different numbers to bet on and they can be paired up in three groups according to their odds. The first set is 4 and 10 which come with regular place odds of 9:5. The second pair is 5 and 9 which normally have the odds 7:5 and the last set is 6 and 8 with the odds 7:6. When you make a craps Buy Bet on these numbers you get true odds which gives you 2:1 for 4 and 10, 3:2 for 5 and 9 and 6:5 for 6 and 8.

The Commission For Craps Buy Bets

The commission for a craps Buy Bet is often called a Vigorish in land-based casinos. The Vigorish is usually 5% but it can still have a different impact depending on how you bet. Say that you bet $20 on one of the six numbers mentioned above. You will have to pay the casino $1 for each Buy Bet that you make and this could add up to a lot. If you are placing many bets, let us give you some tips, you want to play in a casino that takes the commission only if you win and not on each bet you make. Online this is almost always the case and you don’t need to think about it so much. Plan a strategy and go with it.

When to make a Buy Bet

Only experience can tell you if craps Buy Bets are for you but there is one case when all experts will tell you that the Buy Bet is recommended and that is for the bet on numbers 4 and 10. The true odds 2:1 will give you a great advantage so it would be a shame to make this a regular Place Bet.

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