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Note: PIC Club is no longer accepted at any of our trusted gambling sites. We have not gotten official word on it's status however if our sites that are reputable no longer accept it, the deposit method might as well not exist. None of the sites we have listed below accept this deposit method so please disregard and casinos, sportsbooks, or poker rooms we say accept this deposit method. We recommend trying UseMyWallet for those looking for a good e-wallet and prepaid cards for those who want to go a more conventional route.

Hey, you need to find the best way to deposit money in your favorite USA online Sportsbook, your poker room or your online casino. PIC Club is a brand new way to be sure of the safety of your personal information, while getting great customer service and fast transfers and withdrawals.  They are the partner you need to make wagering fun, and profitable, more and more online gaming sites are getting on board with PICClub, so give them a look, USA Players has done your homework and highly recommends you check out this deposit option.

Players Investment Club, PIC Club, makes depositing easy and gives you so many options.  It is both a deposit and withdrawal method, and it is great for all USA Players.  PICClub allows you to make deposits via all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and the Discover card. Echecks, Western Union, Wire Transfers, JCB, Egold and Moneygrams are all valid. A small processing fee is charged on each deposit. Deposits can be made from the PIC Club website, so now you don’t have to do it from the online gambling site.  Deposits on PIC Club actually buy “shares” this is the terminology used by PIC Club for deposit amounts.

Once on the PIC Club website, you can start an account; PIC Club is a top notch provider and wants to make sure they offer the best service available, and to make sure they partner with the right people they ask for a few simple documents.  They require a copy of a bill proving your current residence, a copy of your driver’s license or passport and your SS number.  Once you have supplied this information you will be a part of an exclusive group that can make safe and secure fund transfers in a quick and simple way.

After you win big you will be ready to move some of your money. Withdrawals are easy; funds or shares can be taken out via certified check, money order or wire transfer.  Processing is done within 3 weeks and players are limited to 2 withdrawals per week for a total of no more that $2,500 with a minimum of $50. PIC Club withdrawal fees vary as to the method of withdrawal, checks are free, others fees and processing time vary from $15 to $45, again depending on the method. USA Players can be confidant that this method of transfer is legal and allowed in every state.

PIC Club Casinos

Online casinos are one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the United States, and with patience, skill and a bit of help from Lady Luck you can make money.  USA Players has spent time and effort checking out almost all of the online casinos, and we want to pass on what we have learned.  PICClub is picking up new fans every day; it is an excellent method of transferring money from you to the casino, and hopefully back again, all in a smooth transition.  PICClub is known for its security, it uses the same software as many of Europe’s top banks, and they are renown for security.  Add to this live help for your questions and a format that accepts many different ways of making deposits. So, take a look at our online casino recommendations and PICClub as your method of transferring funds.  A membership to this club, PICClub can make your wagering experience even more fun.

Rank Pic Club Casinos Pic Club Casino Bonuses Ranking Visit
1 DSI 20% Match Bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
2 BookMaker 20% Match Bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
PIC Club Sportsbooks

Members of a club enjoy special benefits, PIC Club is no different. USA Players have researched and played the best Sportsbooks online, and know that some of the very best accept PIC Club as a preferred form of deposit.  It is safe, secure, both user friendly and boasts live customer service help.  PIC Club uses top notch European software, popular with bankers to provide a smooth flow of funds back and forth.  No matter what your game is, no matter what you’re gaming interests, PICClub can help you get the funds there and when you win big, they will bring your winnings back home.

USA Players has determined DSI the best PICClub Sportsbook.  Generous sportsbook bonuses, along with a USA friendly site have contributed to this determination.  DSI offers a 10 to 20% return on on your first deposit in sportsbook free play money.   The 10% match bonus carries a 3X rollover, and the 20% bonus requires a 5X rollover, and matching bonuses are good up to $500.

Rank Pic Club Sportsbooks Pic Club Sportsbook Bonuses Ranking Visit
1 DSI $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
2 BookMaker $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
Pic Club Poker

Over 120 online poker rooms welcome USA Players and PIC Club members, and this number grows weekly.  PIC Club uses an online banking system produced by Megasol Technologies called Odyssey Suite, software used by many European Banks and known for its safety and security.  Add to this 24/7 live support for members and member only tournaments and you have what you need to compliment your online poker room.  USAPlayers has checked them all out and would love to share what we have learned, so take a look at our recommended sites that use PICClub. Join the PIC pro team and enjoy their offers, and become a member of this up and coming club.

Rank Pic Club Poker Pic Club Poker Bonuses Ranking Visit
1 DSI 100% Poker Match Bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
2 BookMaker 100% Poker Match Bonus 5 star ewalletxpress sportsbook visit
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