What Are Ewallets?

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There is some confusion around about What Are Ewallets?. In short, they are a great way to load your casino account or indeed withdraw from it when the time comes. They act as a middle man between you and the casino. Transference directly from a bank account or credit card may not always go over well with the banks and processing agencies, due to federal restrictions regarding online gambling and banking, so you would have to have an outsourced method of transferring your funds. Thankfully we have e-wallets, as they provide just what you'll need to get through the UIGEA's nonsense. E-wallets also prevent you from having to enter your credit card or bank account information into the gambling site out right, giving a much needed break from the tumultuous task of typing account numbers and expiration dates.The e-wallets used by online casinos are very reminiscent of PayPal. PayPal is actually an e-wallet, so if you have ever used it to purchase something over the Internet you are already partially familiar with the concept behind How Ewallets Work. Online gambling venues require different e-wallets, and the ones primarily used by said sites are typically geared toward online gambling on a whole. E-wallets add an extra step between you and your casino, but this extra step adds not only to the security, but also (if you'd believe it) the convenience of your deposit. Credit cards and bank transfers may fail, but an e-wallet has the highest success rate of all Online Deposit Methods. The truth of the matter is, you will more than likely end up using that same credit card or bank transfer, just through the e-wallet rather than the casino it self

By loading the e-wallet before you actually load your account, at Online Casinos, you are taking the UIGEA and the banking system out of the equation. When making Ewallet Deposits, the method will charge your credit card or bank account, rather than the casino. The casino will, in turn, deduct funds from the e-wallet. Think of the e-wallet as a separate bank account that can be loaded and unloaded at your whim, with less restrictions in place. By processing funds through the e-wallet you take your personal information out of the equation. With the recent enforcement of the UIGEA, this is the method of deposit with the utmost safety. What are e-wallets you ask? They are choice, they are freedom. They are an empowerment, giving you more control over how you may spend your money than you would otherwise find through a bank

Best Casino Accepting Many Different Ewallets

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