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Prepaid Gambling Cards provide players an alternative deposit method when they do not wish to directly input their banking information into an online gambling site. There are many types of prepaid cards, but for the most part they all work in a similar fashion. Prepaid cards are front loaded and represent hard currency. These are typically treated like a credit card, but they carry none of your information. Using Prepaid Gambling Cards is something to keep in mind if you prefer anonymity when making a deposit.

Gambling Cards That Are Prepaid must typically be bought over the Internet, but you may also find them in convenience stores and supermarkets. They can carry the VISA name or they can be in dependant operators, in the instance of VirtualPin and Ipoint. The latter two require a phone line and can be completed very easily. An advantage to prepaid cards is that they carry low fees and can be used to make instant deposits at USA online casinos. Therefore, if you do not feel like waiting for your deposit to take effect, you may want to consider prepaid cards an option.

Instead of wondering what are Prepaid Gambling Deposit Methods, browse our Online Deposit Methods as you will find plenty of information to get you started. These cards are the embodiment of convenience and carry a very high success rate when making deposits. By using a prepaid card you eliminate the necessity of having to risk your actual banking information, as the prepaid cards are a single use, fire and forget deposit method. Even though online gambling sites are 100% safe, some people still prefer to avoid placing their information over the Internet, and that is why they turn to prepaid cards.