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Recently it has come to the attention of many that you may actually deposit using a phone line. There are several ways to do this, and both work a bit differently. Using your phone line to deposit enables you to keep your credit card information off of the Internet. This is an important subject, as rising trends in credit card fraud have instilled some fear into many online shoppers. Credit Card fraud is nearly impossible to pull off through online gamblin sites, but it is still something people worry about. Now peace of mind can be had through using your phone line, as you will actually receive a call to the phone line you wish to bill. Due to that fact, someone would have to have all of your personal information as well as be in your home in order for them to use your deposit method.

Bill Your Deposit To Your Phone Bill

There are two ways to deposit using your phone line. One is by using 900Pay, which is a subsidary of eWalletXpress. If you do not have an eWalletXpress account, then you do not know what you are missing. Using e-wallets is a very common way to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your bank account, and now you can load your e-wallet with your phone line. EWalletXpress users may already be familiar with 900Pay, but just incase, allow us to give a description. 900Pay allows you to bill your home phone account (not cellular phones) to add money to your eWalletXpress account. From there you can transfer it into your gambling account.

Depositing Through Cell Phone

If you do not use eWalletXpress you can use Ipoint. Ipoint uses a cell phone line for verification. You must sign up at Ipoints site, but then they will make it easy for you to make a deposit, assuming your gambling site accepts Ipoint. Ipoint will keep you safe by requiring you to sign up with your cell phone number. You will then receive a text message (standard rates apply) with a verification code that you must call into Ipoint's offices. You must call from the number signed up from, otherwise the transaction is moot.

Benefits Of Phone Line Deposits

Regardless of how you load your account telephonically, it will be abundantly clear how useful these methods are. Honestly, you would be hard pressed to find a more secure deposit method. When these companies require you to use your phone line, there is no chance for you to have your account ripped off. By enforcing your phone line, you will find it impossible for anyone to access your account. Make sure you have your phone handy, as you will invariably be receiving or making a phone call before you can deposit with this method.