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Depositing into an online gambling site has acquired something of a stigma, as many people have been under the impression that every time you deposit that you will be subject to fees. This is simply not the case whenever you use Free Deposit Methods. Online gambling sites never charge fees of their own, but players should be aware that some Online Deposit Methods do require a fee. These are generally kept to a minimum, so do not allow them to be cause for concern. Depending on your deposit method, these fees will work on a percentage or a flat rate. Always read the fine print on a deposit method before you choose it, as you may get stuck with fees you do not wish to pay.

The most common Deposit Methods That Are Free, Credit Cards, normally always provide for free deposits. The only problem there in is that credit cards do have a failure rate associated with using them as a deposit method for USA online casinos. The UIGEA is regularly inhibiting some credit card deopsits, but you may find it still possible. E-wallets are another option, but they typically carry fees. The deposit into the e-wallet may carry a 5% fee or as high as a 15% fee, but they have a much higher success rate and can be used to withdrawal as well. Phone based deposit methods typically carry a 15% fee, which is relatively low considering they phone based deposits usually do not go over $150 dollars.

As stated earlier, online gambling sites do not charge, and have No Fee Deposit Methods. That is to say, they do not incur a fee unless you deposit and withdraw without making an intervening bet. So long as you adhere to this notion, you will not be charged for making a deposit. Online gambling sites do, however, carry a withdrawal fee. This is also very low and is usually just to cover the bank fees associated with wiring you money. Conversely, if you opt to receive a paper check, you will see a fee for the shipping of the check. Regardless, you should never expect anything over $20 to $30 dollars for payment processing, as even if the fee is based on a percentage they have a maximum fee in place. They will never go over this cap, so rest assured that you will not take a big hit to the wallet.