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Player Wins Jackpot Twice In One Day At Table Mountain Casino

Casino News - September 1st, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

table mountain casinoThe excitement of gambling has increased tremendously over the past few years which has brought out a lot of new casinos and casino games. Players often participate in gambling for fun, where as others are in it to really win some money. There is a big misunderstanding that there is no big money to be we won when playing at casinos unless you wager a large amount of money, but that could not be further from the truth.

One lucky long time guest of Table Mountain Casino has won a Massive Cash Jackpot not just once, but two times. A lucky player named Joe, from Kerman, was recently awarded a Massive Cash prize of $28,106.37. Joe has been a frequent guest of Table Mountain Casino for many years and will be the first to tell you that being part of a casino rewards program is well worth the time and money spent at that casino.

Joe won his first major cash prize by using his Players Club card, which has accumulated many points over his years of playing. Playing one of his favorite slot machines, as he regularly did, he won a jackpot cash prize of $13,000. Only a few hours later, Joe has his big win of a Massive Cash prize that awarded him $28,106.37. When asked how he felt winning twice was in one day, Joe's response was "good". While Joe will certainly enjoy his winnings, he stated one of the main reasons he frequents Table Mountain Casino, "the people".

Winning at Table Mountain Casino can be easy for anyone that is member of the Club. Joining the Club at Table Mountain Casino is simple and is free of charge. Players have access to some of the best rewards programs ever offered at a casino. There are a number of Massive Jackpot prizes just waiting to be collected and you could very well end up like two time winner Joe.

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