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Historic Greenbrier Resort To Offer Casino Gambling

Gambling News - July 21st, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

One of the least known about nuclear bunkers, during the Cold War era, The Historic Greenbrier Resort, in White Sulphur Springs, WV, has unveiled plans to open casino gambling to it's guests. This proposed plan is slated to go into place on September 15th, 2009 and will be opened on a limited basis, as part of trial run, before the full scale casino opens sometime in April, 2010.

Guests of the Greenbrier will soon learn all about the hidden areas and bunkers, as plans for the $25 million casino floor have it located underground. For now though, gambling is only slated to take place in a few select areas in the resort's Virginia Wing.

"We're starting on a small scale, it will be a model for what we're going to do." says Jim Justice, the resort's new owner, in an interview with the Charleston Gazette.

Eventually the casino plans to bring an additional 200 jobs to the area, which will surely bolster the local economy. In addition, not all locals will be able to gamble at the Greenbrier Casino. Jim Justice announced that the casino would be open to all of those staying at the resort, as well as Greenbrier Sporting Club members and their guests. Those who aren't staying at the Greenbrier, but are on the premises for conventions and other happenings would also be allowed to participate, providing that the resort has 400, or more, hotel rooms booked for the night.

Not all are optimistic for the September 15th opening of the limited casino areas, that the Greenbrier plans to offer. Normally, it takes the West Virginia State Lottery Commission 4 to 6 weeks to process licenses for casino gambling, provided that all the necessary paper work is done correctly. At the time of the unveiling, no such paperwork had been filed with the State of West Virginia.

If all goes through as planned, guests of the Greenbrier will be in for a great experience. Jim Justice promises that things are going to stay classy, within the casino environment, they plan to create.