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Potential Issues Between Casino Licensees and Gaming Control Board

Casino News - July 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

A letter was recently drafted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and placed on their website. They were to be reviewed the casino licensees in the state about some potential problems that may ultimately prompt "regulatory ramifications" if the issues are not addressed.

The main objective of the letter was to create open discussion between the GCB and the individual licensees, with the hopes that they may hammer out some of the differences and fix any red flags before they turn into a full blown problem. The Gaming Control Board seems to want to inform licensees of where they are going wrong, rather than punish them out right before they have the option to defend themselves.

Amongst the issues in question were promotions (such as discounts and rebates), tournaments (regulation and conduction), race and sports book operations (with an emphasis on information technology), intellectual property theft, and misleading advertisements. Nightclubs were also a subject on the letter. They made note that "hard economic times" have led to "increased competitive pressure."

"This would be an operator’s workshop, not a formal seminar on law. The appropriate audience would be mid-level supervisors and program managers. It would
be property individuals that are responsible for following and enforcing policy and legal/regulatory requirements."

They made it clear that no punitive action was set and that the Gaming Control Board simply seeks to discuss the matters. The letter states that this may be an ongoing process, a one time event, or that it may be completely forgotten about. The implications, however, were made that ignoring the missive would lead to disciplinary action.