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Pittsburgh Slot Casino Finally Set to Open

Casino News - July 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

For years, Pittsburgh residents have been awaiting the completion and opening of the Rivers Casino. The casino is finally set to open and in just under a fortnight, the casino will be open to the general public. Excitement has brought many players on the verge of combustion, and now they will be able to see everything the Rivers has to offer.

They will open their doors to the public with over 3,000 slot games for players to enjoy. In addition to the gaming, they will also have a variety of attractions to keep people entertained, even if they do not wish to gamble. A huge Amphitheater, placed on the riverfront, will hold concerts and events for spectators to enjoy. Rivers Casino will also have many first class restaurants, beautiful scenery, and a grand buffet.

Nightlife will also be catered to through Rivers Casino, as they will offer Pittsburgh Residents, as well as anyone who cares to travel to the 'Burgh, a series of high class bars. The bars will have music and games, allowing players to sit back, enjoy their favorite drink, and play some video poker whilst relaxing after a hard day's work.

Pittsburgh residents have been waiting for this casino for years, despite tough economic times. Some critics have claimed that such a large financial endeavor to be placed on gambling may have been an error, as gambling revenues have been declining steadily since the recession. After speaking to several locals, we found that many of them are not concerned, financially, and their excitement has remained strong as the casino is set to open.

When asked if he will be attending the casino, local man Jon Hawranko replied, "Yes, even though the world is claiming an economic crisis, my life is still pretty much the same. I make the same, spend the same, so yes. I will be gambling when Rivers opens."

The Rivers Casino is set to open August 13th. Their casino will be in full swing, and they have no where to go but up. Anticipation may be the driving force behind the casinos prosperity, and they will have an opportunity to prove that they are a great venue soon enough. Pennsylvania has been battling Atlantic City for gambling clients, and Rivers may tip the scales in Pennsylvania's favor.