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The President's Birthday Gives all Players a Bonus at Slot Power Casino

Casino News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Slot Power Casino is well known for their promotional events, and they have once again capitalized on a major national event to bring their players an extra boost to their game. For just two days, Slot Power is helping players enjoy their gaming experience by celebrating President Obama's birthday, bonus style.

Starting August 4th, players are entitled to a hot new bonus to kick off the week. From Tuesday until Thursday, gamers through Slot Power will be able to reap the rewards of a 50% match bonus. This bonus can grant up to $500 dollars of free cash, which is almost as worth while as the Cash for Clunkers program going on in the States.

Lucky players will find that this bonus can augment their slot experience by providing hours of free play and, potentially, big hits. This bonus can be used to participate in the upcoming slot tournament found only at Slot Power casino. Last time this sort of tournament happened, the grand prize winner took an additional $750 dollars home on top of their previous earnings.

Players who like slots, such as the three reel slots or the slots with more pay lines than symbols, Slot Power's short term bonus will be able to fund plenty of gaming. Keep in mind that this bonus is gone in just two days, leaving very little play time - at least, not until the bonus is rewarded.

Slot Power casino loves giving their members bonuses, and this one is no different. Players who want $500 dollars in free cash need to act fast, as this will be gone in just two days time.

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