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Superior Casino Delivers Huge iSlot Bonuses

Casino News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Rival Casinos are well known for the iSlot, or the Interactive Slot. They carry a different way for players to enjoy spinning the reels, and this usually comes from bonus games that allow players to interact with the game on a larger scale than just clicking the spin button. Through the iSlot you will find ways to win extra money, all the while wagering the same as you would through a normal slot game.

Superior Casino is enabling players to try their iSlot, Baby Boomers Cash Cruise, with elevated funds. Until August 10th, players are eligible for a 400% bonus up to $600 dollars. Depositing $150 dollars will, for the next week, give you $600 dollars of free play to spin the slots. Quadrupling your money is never a bad thing, and if you so desire to receive free play, not to mention a shot at the big dollars, then Superior Casino is where you should visit before the week is through.

Baby Boomers Cash Cruise is one of the premier iSlots through Superior Casino. This is an already impressive slot when looked at from the top down, but it truly begins to shine when you dissect it. They offer huge jackpots, bonus games, free spins, and a multitude of play lines to keep players involved. The earning potential in this slot is higher than many other slot games, which is another fantastic reason to enjoy their gaming. Adding in the bonus games gives players an amazing four games for the price of one.

In this slot you will travel the world on a cruise liner. Each destination carries a different game. You start your journey in Greece. While visiting Greece, free spins come at you periodically. As you progress through the game you will then find yourself in Alaska. Upon arriving in Alaska and becoming eligible for the bonus game, you will be entitled to play a terrific version of Bingo. This empowers players with another way to gain free money.

Finally you will find the Caribbean on your itinerary. You will find two different bonus games available in on those sandy beaches. The first is shuffleboard. If you are unfamiliar with shuffleboard, the object of the game is to put the disc within the scoring triangle without over or undershooting. The second game is a skeet shoot. If you shoot the plates at the right time, you are the winner of jackpot coins. This two games provide players with huge opportunities for free cash.

Until August Tenth you are entitled to this impressive bonus, all to be used on an even more impressive game. That bonus is a 400% match to $600 dollars, so jump on it before time is up. You have until August 10th, so tarry not! The games await!

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