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Man Charged With Conducting Illegal Gambling Operation

Casino News - August 2nd, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

Wednesday proved to be a not so lucky day for one Salt Lake man as he was arrested for participating in a illegal gambling operation last year. Under suspicion since October of last year, police began an investigation against a company registered under the name of Fast Action Internet Cafe. Frank Musil, business owner and operator, is being charged with several counts of gambling, unlawful activity and being in possession of a gambling device or record. Throughout the investigation, one particular undercover office entered the business to find sum of 15 computer screen, which were not linked to the Internet, but displayed a "bingo" screen that showed odds of winnings and payouts, much like what you would find in a real Vegas Casino.

The undercover officer bared witness to these machines first hand by playing several of the quarter machines and proving that it was in fact a gambling operation. On one particular visit to the business, the officer game out ahead and was actually able to collect a payout, just as you would at a land casino.

During an execution of a warrant in 2008, more than 13 people were found on the premises gambling on the computers. Frank Musil, 51, is faced with multiple felony charges and misdemeanour charges and could face several years in prison for his illegal activity. No comment has been made pertaining to the participants found on the premises when the business was searched.

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