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Kansas Sees Casino, Problem Gambling Treatment

Casino News - August 7th, 2009 - Written by Glen

In just a few short months, Boot Hill Casino well open as the first state run casino within Kansas. The casino will feature over 500 slots and nearly a dozen table games. The promise of revenue and employment is a big one, one that should create opportunity for many players and those who are unemployed.

The casino is scheduled to open in late 2009, but it will not be fully operational. Future projects are to add to the Casino and Resort. Amongst these projects are even more games for players, as well as a hotel and restaurants.

The hotel will hold over one hundred rooms and a convention center, as well as other ammenaties. Ranking and classification has yet to be determined, but it is doubtful that this will be a second rate establishment. The restaurants will more than likely follow in suit, or at least provide players with a variety of cuisines spread across multiple locations on site.The project has been in the works since 2008. One year and nearly $90 million dollars la

Despite the yearning success, many are concerned with pathological gambling, related criminal activity, and irresponsible actions. Due to this fact, different policies and agencies have been brought into play to prevent problem gambling, as well as to help those who are already afflicted.

Amongst the options are a self-exclusion list. This would allow players to impose a ban upon them selves, meaning they are ejected from the casino upon being sighted. Also, any winnings would be forfeited. There will also be a hotline that can be called for assistance. This hotline will be toll-free and it will operate 24 hours a day. They will also have a website to provide additional information.

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