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Casino Gaming Hits The iPhone

Casino News - August 5th, 2009 - Written by Glen

apple iphone gamblingThe iPhone has reached its immense popularity through the applications and games, as some will argue. Now casino fans will have an application to fit their needs, delivered right through the iPhone app store. This app delivers 11 different casino games in one tight little package, something players will all enjoy.

Amongst the available games, players will find that two of the most common casino games will top the chart. Texas Hold 'em and Blackjack are both available through this new casino. Video poker also makes a come back, as will craps. Keno and roulette will also be found. Additionally, going back to the Texas Hold 'em, both Limit and No Limit can be found through this application. Other games include Video Derby, Three Card Poker, and baccarat.

This new casino will allow players a chance to practice their casino gaming without any real risk to their wallet. The application will cost $0.99, but as with most applications this is a on time fee, allowing you to play your favorite casino games for a life time. The game will also allow players to continue to jam out to their favorite music, as the iPhone's integrated music player will be channeled through.

The games will be progressive. This means that as gamers play, the stakes will gradually rise as money is won. There is also a list of achievements, giving players a chance to earn personal pride through the free casino action. Additionally, instructions will be provided for each game. Players that are interested in casino gaming, but do not have any prior knowledge, will find this as a terrific way to start and perhaps build upon their abilities as a gambler.

This casino will also be available for the Palm OS, Windows Mobile Smartphones, and the Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Rarely is such casino action manifested through such channels, but now the game is up for grabs at a low price. While real money cannot yet be exchanged through this medium, many are hopeful for a future in online gambling through their cellular phone.

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