Video Poker Tips Video Poker Video Poker Tips

Video poker, whether played online or in a land based environment is a great form of entertainment as well as a fun way of gambling. There are a few video poker tips that if you internalize them will help to guarantee that the fun you have doesn’t end, and may even be able to help you increase your odds of winning video poker, and decrease your losing ones.

  1. Video poker is ultimately a game of chance; it's also a game of fun. There are ways to help maximise your chances of winning at USA casinos but there are no guarantees. Hence, the number one of all the video poker tips is never go betting with money you're not prepared to lose.
  2. In a similar vein to video poker tips number 1, you should always be smiling at the video poker machine. This means that if you find yourself with a frown it's time to walk away – there's no point in chasing losses, it's better to call it a day and know you'll have better luck next time.
  3. High on the video poker tips list is knowing what to draw; or rather what not to draw, this is very much a numbers game. So the two cardinal rules of video poker are that you should never draw 5 cards if you find yourself with a jack or higher, and you never choose 4 cards if you have an opportunity to draw 3 and possibly end up with a royal flush.
  4. As well as knowing what not to draw, you must also be aware in video poker what not to break up. There are some hands that it's always worth sticking with no matter what the attraction of going for a better hand might be. Thus number 4 on the video poker tips list is that you should never break up a straight, and you should never break up a flush. These are both really good hands with good payouts; don't take the risk of breaking them up.
  5. The root of video poker tips number 4 is that video poker is a game of maths, not one of instinct. Thus, even if you're "feeling lucky" you must always make your video poker decisions with your head and not your heart!
  6. There are lots of different variations of video poker and for the most part they are all as good as each other, they're just different.However, if you go to a casino and there are 20 different video poker games you will do yourself a disservice if you try to play them all. Each one has different rules and you will only get yourself confused if you play too many of them; thus number 6 on the video poker tips is to choose a small variation of games to play and stick with them. It helps to play at trusted casinos for video poker.
  7. Last but not least, and this video poker tips counts for all games; don't rush. Take your time making the decision you need to make, consider them carefully, and try not to get wrapped up in the excitement of the moment; this will only lead to mistakes. Do not let the excitement of video poker casino bonuses rush you through a game.

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