Video Poker Probabilities Video Poker Video Poker Probabilities

Having a firm grasp on poker probabilities can drastically improve your chances of winning at USA casinos. If you decide to become a serious video poker player or simply don’t want to spend all night feeding money to the machine, learning video poker probabilities can increase your chances of being successful and taking home some money.

Video poker probabilities or odds of video poker will benefit you based on what game you are playing. Variations of the game will demand a certain hand in order for you to win. Therefore, you can have a long listing of all of the possible probabilities but what they mean in terms of decision making will depend on what type of video poker you are playing. The odds themselves also will differ based on the particular version of the game.

Because of this, we have provided a listing of the odds of being dealt a particular hand. These odds will be based on 5 card draw, since this is the basis for most forms of video poker. It would be really difficult to come up with a single probabilities list for video poker because there are just so many variations of video poker. With that being said, here is short list of video poker hand probabilities

The probability of you being dealt a Royal Flush is 649,740 to 1; Straight Flush,
72, 192 to 1; Four of a Kind, 4,164 to 1 and a Full house 693 to 1. The odds that you will be dealt a Flush are 508 to 1; Straight 254 to 1; Three of a Kind 46 to 1; Two Pairs 20 to 1;One Pair 1.37 to1 and No Combination 1:1.

As you can see, you have extremely low odds of being dealt a Royal Flush. A Straight Flush is not likely but the odds are a lot more favorable at 72,192 to 1 when compared to 649, 740 to 1. You have the greatest odds of getting No Combination, One Pair or Two Pairs (1:1, 1.37:1, 20:1, respectively).

Now that you have this information and tips, what does it mean? How should it affect your play? Well, that depends on you.  You can totally ignore this information and just play your game or you can use these figures when it comes to your betting amounts. Essentially, they give you an idea of how the odds are either stacked for or against you. If you understand that your chances of getting a Royal Flush are extremely slim, you may choose not to hold out for one and play a little more conservatively. This can save you money and allow you to make smarter, more informed decisions. In essence, understating probabilities of video poker allows you to come into the game with eyes wide open and thus make the best decisions possible, which make playing for money that much more enjoyable.

In summary, here is brief break down of the above statistics in a more “regular folk friendly” way: You will likely be dealt a one pair 72 out of 100 hands. You will be dealt a two pair, 5 times out of 100 or 5%. The chances that you will be given a three of a kind is 2.2%, a straight .4%, a flush .19% and a royal flush, .0001% (doesn’t look too promising but still possible).

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