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Video poker jackpots can pay out big, really big (especially Progressive Jackpots). Winning one is the hope of everyone that plays video poker. Depending on the machine you are on and the type of game you are playing, the way that you win video poker jackpots will differ.The odds of winning money are much greater when you are playing video poker for money and not playing video poker for fun. For example, some machines will pay out when you have a Royal Flush, while others require you to have another winning hand. If you want to be able to win a jackpot (and who doesn’t) keep the following in mind:

  1. Not All Video Poker Jackpots Are Created Equal: The rules that govern a particular video poker jackpot will differ based on the game that you are playing. Keep this in mind and find out what hand you need to have in order to win. This is not difficult at all. You will be able to find this information right on the machine. The jackpot may pay out differently at different USA casinos as well. Some will give away a fixed amount of money while others are progressive. Progressive jackpots will continue to build until someone finally wins it. These types can really pay out big if it has been a long time since someone has won.
  1. Maximum Bets Mean Maximum Winnings: If you have played video poker for any length of time, you probably already know that if you want to win the big money, you will need to max out on your bets, as goes with most gambling on video poker games. Now, you can still win a good deal of money if you do not max out but you will never win the full amount. For example, if a machine accepts between 1-5 credits and you bet 2 and win, you will still get paid but not as much as if you bet 5 credits. If you are looking to hit the jackpot, you have to place the maximum bet.
  1. You Can’t Predict Video Poker Jackpots: You can not guarantee yourself a video poker jackpot no matter how bad you want it. The cards are dealt in a random manner and there is no way to control what cards you receive. The only thing in your power is to play a good solid game of video poker and hope that you win the jackpot.

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Everyone who plunks down at a video poker machine or who plays online wants to win the Jackpot. However, a person will not win a jackpot many more times then they will and this is ok. Your goal should not be to swing for the fences every time, as that is a poor video poker strategy. Sometimes, it is best to go for small victories. You will likely make more money over the long haul, winning small amounts and playing consistantly. This is not to discourage you but to encourage you to play sensibly and not to take huge risks every time you play in hopes that you may win huge every time. It is not the end of the world if you fail to take home a jackpot, you can still win a good amount of money in spite of this if you hit the video poker jackpots offered.

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