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Video poker systems are not as common as systems for other games, largely because video poker has a skill element and therefore what you need is strategy not systems. Additionally there are many different variations of video poker and the strategies or rules that you must follow in order to win will differ depending on which one you are playing. Thus, as an introduction to video poker systems, we are going to take one such set of rules, for one of the most popular games, Jacks or Better, and illustrate through it how video poker systems work.

The key to video poker systems at USA casinos is knowing what a winner is, and thus being able to assess what you have and what should be discarded. Hence, in Jacks or Better, if you have a jack and nothing else in your hand you should discard everything accept for the Jack. If however you have a high card higher than a jack you should keep a hold of that too. If you have a hand with a pair in it, even if it's a low pair you should keep it, the same with a 2 pair hand, and 3 of a kind. In these situations it is important that you discard the odd cards and don't just sit on them, because by doing so you are increasing the odds or improving your hand whilst not risking it at all.

The next set of video poker rules are about the "almost" hands. These hands are the ones that are almost something; for example four cards making a straight of a flush, but missing the fifth. In these cases you should always discard the fifth card and hope for the best. Most people would even say that if you have a low pair you should break up the pair if you have four out of five on a flush or straight.

For the most part, you should not be nervous to swap your "dead cards", it can in most situations only improve your chances. However, if for example you have four of a kind, then there is no point in swapping your fifth card. Remember that in video poker you're playing against the pay structure, not against an opponent, so having a good kicker doesn't make any difference, and so there's no value in swapping this card.

These are very basic tips for video poker that should be followed when playing Jacks or Better, and it's worth reading over them a couple of times and even writing them out in a clear, easy to reference table. They should not be followed as an absolute, and they are not all of the advised moves; what they are however is an introduction to the way you should be thinking if you want to be a video poker winner. Remember that video poker has skill in it; it's a math game and should be approached as such if you want to win. Thus, read over these rules and most importantly try to understand why each one is advised; once you've succeeded in understanding, you'll be able to write the video poker systems!

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