Problems With Online Gambling In The U.S.

The problems with Internet gambling in the USA are similar to those experienced in other countries but also quite different because of the question of legality of online gambling. While the UIGEA does provide some guidelines as it concerns internet gambling some would argue that it is not definitive. There are definitely loopholes and questions regarding whether or not online gambling is legal. Some people argue that the laws were created to fight terrorism and organized crime and not the average internet gambling. Other people disagree.

Many of the problems with internet gambling revolve around whether or not it is legal. Many online casinos and software creators have banned players from the United States. This is because many of these companies are afraid of the potential repercussions of allowing these members to join their websites. Some website owners have been arrested and domain names seized because they were either based in the United States or serviced American players. Out of fear, many have simply refused to run the risk of trouble. However, the laws which govern online gambling are not clear and therefore, there are online casinos that will allow U.S. players to join their sites, participate and play for real money. Until the laws become clearer, this will continue to be a problem or at least a major issue.

Gambling addiction is another big problem associated with internet gambling in the United States. Many people have gotten out of control as it concerns gambling and have placed themselves and their family’s financial “health” at risk. Bankruptcy is a reality for many people who have become addicted to gambling. When a person begins hiding their time spent online at casinos from family members and friends, and start using money that should go to pay for essentials for gambling activities, these are e signs that they might be suffering from an addiction. Fortunately, while it may not necessarily be easy to beat said addictions, there is help available and really good resources, most of them free.

The fact that the industry is not regulated in the United States could pose (and does at times) a problem for Americans. They run the risk of being duped and their money stolen with absolutely no recourse because many, if not most, of the online casinos are based in other countries where the United States has no jurisdiction. This fact is why many people are pushing for the legalization of gambling in the U.S. Many people are hopeful that laws prohibiting online gambling might be overturned or laws put into place that legalize it because there is finally a democrat in office. Only time will tell.

Problems do exist as it concerns online gambling in the United States. The problems are both varied and extensive. They include the question of legality of online gambling in the States, gambling addiction and the lack of regulation of the industry in the United States. Some of these problems can be fixed if a definitive stand is taken on gambling. Others, such as gambling addiction may get worse with legalization unless measures are put in place to help decrease the likelihood that addiction occurs, though obviously this can’t be prevented 100%. 

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