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Friedman Bests November Nine's Schaffel in WPT's Legends of Poker

Poker News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

friedmanThe World Poker Tour's Legends of Poker tournament met for its last day, and a winner was crowned. Prahlad Friedman held third place at the beginning of the day, and slowly climbed to the top to finally absorb Kevin Schaffel's chip stack. Friedman left the tournament with over $1,000,000 dollars in hand.

Five hands into the day, Mike Krescanko was eliminated in sixth place. This is arguably where Friedman began to shine for the day, as he beat Krescanko's Ace Queen with a pocket of Kings. The flop dropped a third king, and eliminated the hopes for a flush, though gave Krescanko a chance at a straight. The turn dropped a queen, but was not enough to keep him alive against the royalty that Friedman held. Friedman walked with over 450,000 chips from the pot, while Krescanko left with $89,220.

The next elimination came on the sixty-second hand. Sam Stein was eliminated in fifth place, walking away with $116,225. Schaffel called Stein's push of 755,000 chips with a pair of sevens. Stein showed a King Queen pocket. A seven dropped on the flop, followed by a pair of deuces on the flop and river, giving Schaffel an additional 755,000 chips, delivered through a full house.

Toto Leonidas was playing aggressively all day, and it led him to ruin. On the 96th hand, Leonidas lost like the 300 Spartans. He pushed all in with over one 1,000,000 chips, on a flop of KC, 6S, 2S. Leonidas had a pocket AC and 9C, giving him a flush draw. Friedman called, and revealed a AC, KD. With two spades on the turn and river, Friedman won with a two pair, kings and deuces. Following this hand, Friedman began his climb to victory, standing with 4,445,000. Schaffel had 2,740,000, while Todd Terry sat quietly with 1,270,000.

On hand number one hundred and seven, Todd Terry was cut from the runnings. He took third place with a prize of $231,300. Friedman called Terry's all in push with a suited Ace Queen. Terry reveals a pair of fours, clubs and diamonds. The flop dropped with a Queen, Jack, and Six. The turn dropped a King, as did the river. A two pair gave Friedman a bigger advantage, leaving himself with 6,605,000 chips. Schaffel had a meager 1,850,000 chips. Heads up play began, and the two titans would clash with electricity, both trying to win the big prize.

By the 113th hand, Schaffel had evened the playing field. Schaffel had climbed to 3,900,000 while Friedman had 4,555,000. One hand into the 27th level, however, and Schaffel pushed all in. Friedman let out a huff, but called the November Nine player for his stack, and possibly the win. Both players turned over their cards, and Schaffel showed a King of hearts and a Jack of clubs. Friedman had him beat with an Ace of hearts and a queen of spades, hurting both possibilities of a flush draw. A moment elapsed, and the flop was revealed. The flop dropped a ten of clubs, a three of hearts, and a two of hearts. Tension was high, and adrenaline was surely running, but Friedman still held the high card ace. The river dropped a nine of hearts, giving Friedman the victory. Friedman walked with a package of $1,009,000 and a bracelet. He also received a seat in the WPT's World Championship. Kevin Schaffel walked with $471,670 dollars, as well as some much needed heads up experience for the World Series main event.

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