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Legends of Poker Tour Sees November Nine's Kevin Schaffel In Lead

Poker News - August 27th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Kevin Schaffel, one of the unknown players in the World Series of Poker's November Nine, is currently the chip leader for the final table of the World Poker Tour's "Legends of Poker" tournament. While chip stacks are close, the amazing performance that Schaffel brings to the table is not to be trifled with. He leads the table with 2,234,000 chips.

Honorable mention goes to those who made the cash. Carter King, walked with 19th place, with an $18,285 cash prize. King was resplendent in his "Camp Anawanna" T-shirt, though the avid Internet poker fan was crushed by a pocket Ace King to his pocket Jacks. A full house hit the table with a set of eights set on the flop and turn. Toto Leonidas struck it lucky with a King on the river.

Steven Begleiter, also a November Nine player, in fact one with one of the largest chip stacks, was eliminated in ninth place. His win of $39,240 is no laughing matter, though moving all in with a suited King Three was probably a bad idea. He lost to a high card Ace. Vigen Manukyan was dropped in seventh place, with several solid hands being crushed to an inferior hand, then a relatively superior hand. First Vigen lost his Ace Queen off suit to a pocket Ten and Seven. The flop, turn, and river all produced either a seven or a ten, leading to a boat for Sam Stein. Minutes later, Vigen lost a pocket Kings to an Ace King hand when an Ace dropped on the flop.

Manukyan was finally eliminated when he pushed all in on a pair of deuces. He pushed in on his deuces from an under the gun position, all the while giving his stack up for a bet preflop. Prahlad Friedman called him with a pair of ladies, obliterating the possibility of the deuces winning with a rainbow of K 3 3 8 10.

The game will end tomorrow, August 27th. Schaffel, regardless of whether or not he takes the top prize, has invariable gained even more experience to utilize in the WSOP main event. Good luck too all players involved!

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