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"Poligraph" Wins Coveted FTOPS VIII Main Event Title

Poker News - August 19th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Full Tilt Poker just wrapped up its FTOPS VIII online tournament poker series. This past weekend's Main Event drew event a massive field of 5,306 entries who all dished out the $535 entry fee. This created a huge prize pool of $2,653,000 for the players to fight after. When the smoke cleared, the player known as "Poligraph" emerged victorious with the coveted title. The win earned "Poligraph" a healthy first place prize of $453,663. To win the prestigious tournament, "Poligraph" beat out the player known as "Inorriisss" heads up. When they began heads up play, "Poligraph" held a five to one chip lead over "Inorriisss" which proved to be too much to overcome. The two battled for quite a while, but after some time "Inorriisss" was eliminated in second place earning a nice payday of $315,707.

This FTOPS VIII Main Event drew over 700 more players than the last FTOPS Main Event. With such a dramatic increase in entries, this tournament was able to pay out the top 720 finishers. All of the players who made the money were guaranteed to take home at least $795.90. The real story though was the incredible amount of money that was on the line at the final table. Of the nine final table participants, the top five were guaranteed to win at least $127,211.35. Not too bad for a day's worth of poker. When the final table began Kameron "Kamdini" McRay was the chip leader. Though he was unable to get the win, "Kamdini" took home $225,505 for his amazing performance. Well known online poker pro James "TheFatFISH" Obst was the chip leader for a while at the final table before ultimately being knocked out in fifth place. For his performance, Obst earned a payday of $127,211.35.

On the final hand of the tournament, the short stack "Inorriisss" shoved all in with A 6 off suit. Chip leader "Poligraph" decided to try to end the tournament and made the call with Q J off suit. When the flop came out A 2 3, the short stack "Inorriisss" was a huge favorite to double with a pair of aces. Amazingly though, the turn and river were a K and a 10 respectively. This gave "Poligraph" an ace high straight, knocking out "Inorriisss" in second place. This was a very dramatic last hand for the tournament to end on. All of the final table finishers had an amazing run in the tournament, outlasting well over 5,000 players. A special congratulations goes out to the winner "Poligraph", who earned the coveted title of FTOPS VIII Main Event champion.

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