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First Opponent Set in Durrrr's Live Million Dollar Poker Challenge

Poker News - August 16th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Tom "Durrrr" Dwan has issued yet another challenge to the poker world. This time he will be taking on any opponent in a heads up poker match which will be held in London next month. The rules set forth by Dwan will have both players buy in with $500,000, while the blinds will be set at $500/$1,000. The match will be played in four parts, each consisting of 500 hands. Players cannot quit the match until they have either lost their $500,000 buy in or completed a full set of 500 hands. He will give his opponents the option of choosing to play either pot limit omaha or no limit hold'em. The first player to accept Durrr's Challenge is Sammy "any two" George.

Most U.S. poker fans are not familiar with Sammy George, but he is no stranger to European players with many appearances on televised poker shows. George has appeared on popular European poker shows such as The Big Game and Poker Million, but his heads up match with Dwan will be the biggest challenge he has faced. George has stated that he is stepping up to the plate and putting his money where his mouth his to take on the best the U.S. has to offer. When asked about his match up against Dwan, George commented, "With Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius, you are talking about guys I rate quite highly. Guys like Durrrr to me are normal, you know, they're nothing special." These comments should add some fuel to the fire in what is already a much anticipated poker match.

This is the second poker challenge that Tom Dwan has issued to the world. The first was a online poker challenge that had Durrrr laying his $1.5 million up against his opponents $500,000. The challenge would have the players play one another for 50,000 hands playing four tables at a time. Durrrr was putting up his $1.5 million that nobody could end up showing a profit against him when the 50,000 hands were complete. Currently the first match is still ongoing as Patrick Antonius is the first player to accept the Dwan's challenge. Next month in London, Dwan will be looking to prove that his poker dominance translates into the live arena as well when he takes on all comers in the exciting Million Dollar Poker Challenge.

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