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PokerStars New Heads Up Poker TV Show

Poker News - August 20th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

pokerstarsPokerStars has teamed up with Fox Television to produce a heads up poker TV show known as the "PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge". The new show will be a response to Full Tilt Poker's "Face The Ace" show which has already aired its first few episodes. The contestants for the new PokerStars show will compete in a series of heads up poker matches against both celebrity poker players and also some of PokerStars toughest poker professionals. The exact structure of the show has not yet been released, but it seems as if the contestants will need to win some preliminary heads up matches before getting a crack at the million dollars. Well known poker professional Daniel Negreaunu will be the last obstacle between the contestants and the million dollars. Negreaunu will take on the contestants in the final heads up match if they are able to win the preliminary matches leading up to the final. If the contestant can manage to beat Negreaunu they will win the ultimate prize of one million dollars.

As the contestants are working their way through the preliminary heads up matches, they are expected to get coaching from the last obstacle between them and the prize money. Daniel Negreaunu is believed to be giving the players poker advice as they work their way to the final match. Obviously no advice will be given if the contestants manage to make the final match against Negreaunu himself. It is still not yet known if the contestants will have the option to quit the game before the final match and take home a smaller prize amount. Contestants can become a contestant by first finishing in the top ten of one of PokerStars daily freeroll tournaments. For those that finish in the top ten, they must submit a short video to PokerStars explaining why they should be selected for the show. For the lucky individuals who are selected for the show, they will win a trip with two of their friends to go compete for the million dollars.

The "PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge" should be an exciting new poker show featuring some of the world's top poker players. It is not yet known what other Team PokerStars Pros will take part in the TV show, but with Daniel Negreaunu leading the way other big name players are sure to follow. Negreaunu is arguably the most popular poker player in the world, and he should create quite a buzz as a main figure in the show. The contestants will have to beat some very tough players to even make the final match, but it will be no easy task to win the million dollars with Daniel Negreaunu in the way. He will be a very difficult opponent to beat in a heads up poker match, as Negreaunu is known for being one of the elite short handed poker players in the world. Contestants will have their work cut out to take home the million dollar prize in the new TV show "PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge".

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