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Peoria County, Illinois, Seeks To Ban Video Poker Before Implementation

Poker News - August 5th, 2009 - Written by Glen

video poker in illinoisBarely a month ago, Governor Quinn of Illinois signed into effect a law that would legalize Video Poker machine's cash pay outs. He had given city and county governments the option to make their own decisions regarding the issue, and a county has stepped forward to ban the gaming machines.

Peoria County covers 631 square miles and is the home of over 180,000 citizens. These citizens, and the owners of the liquor serving establishments within these miles, will be unable to own, operate, or use video poker machines that pay out cash. If residents of these areas desire video poker gaming, they must travel to another jurisdiction.

Constituents are rallying on both sides of the issue. Board members have decided to suspend judgment, as a study about the potential cash flow has been requested. Until this study is completed and submitted, a decision will not be made in favor, nor against, the legislation.

The usual anti-gambling arguments are in place with this issue. Some argue that the income games for the state will not counter the allegedly irreparable damage that stems from legalized gambling. Those in favor of the issue are aiming to reaffirm the necessity of legalized video lottery terminals. These games are estimated to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for a state which has seen financial problems, as per the recession.

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