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Odds For First Player Out Of 2009 WSOP Final Table

Poker News - August 5th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

world series of poker logoThe World Series of Poker was one to watch this year and we are only months away from seeing the end result. This years events brought out some of the best card playing we have ever seen and set some pretty amazing records at the same time. We saw several players win multiple gold bracelets and others win multi tournament events. Each day of play was more exciting than the day before, which would be expected when you bring out some of the best poke players in the world.

With November right around the corner, we anxiously await play to continue to see who will walk away as the Champion of the 2009 World Series Main Event. It was no surprise that we ended up with the biggest names in poker for the November Nine match. With players such as Darvin Moon, Eric Buchman, Steven Begleiter, Jeff Shulman, Joe Cada, Phil Ivey, Kevin Schaffel, Antoine Saout, and James Akenhead, we are in for a real run at the championship title. Long hours of play are expected at the final table with each player just as determined to make it to the end. Phil Ivey, who has been named one of the best all around poker players in the world, is sure to make his presence known right from the get go. Ivey displays an amazing amount of patience and that tends to carry him a long way. Being too quick to throw in the money and or the cards, can land players on the side lines a little quicker than they may of anticipated. Control throughout the game will play a huge role on how far the poker players skill will carry them in this competition.

beted poker sportsbook

As we can all pretty much make predictions as who will be the last man standing, the real question at hand is who will be the first player eliminated? BetED has all the best lines and odds on who will be the first player eliminated.

Darvin Moon       +3000
Eric Buchman    +900 
Steven Begleiter +900
Jeff Shulman      +900
Joe Cada           +300
Phil Ivey            +400     
Kevin Schaffel    +300
Antonie Saout    +205
James Akenhead +150

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