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Nintendo Wii Releasing "Sexy Poker" Game

Poker News - August 14th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Nintendo Wii has come up with a video game that is every guy's dream. Available for 500 Wii Points on WiiWare this August, "Sexy Poker" gives players the chance to play strip poker against six attractive women. The game, which is M-Rated, will feature six different women who will strip all they way down to their underwear if players can beat them. "Sexy Poker" will give players the chance to beat the girls at either Texas Hold'em or Blackjack. No matter which game they decide to play, gamers will now find it much easier to get girls to play such games than before. Such a game should create quite a buzz among most gamers, but it will likely stir up some controversy among others.

"Sexy Poker" features six different women who will strip down to their underwear if gamers can beat them in either Texas Hold'em or Blackjack. The characters will all start the game with various outfits on. The different women will start the game wearing either a nurses outfit, police uniform, dressed as an office worker, or wearing various sports outfits. The better the games do in the game, the more clothing the characters will shed. Another feature of the game, allows the characters to speak to the player. They will say various lines such as "If you impress me, I might give you my special treatment", or "Perhaps you could be business partner for tonight at least?". Even though the game should initially be a hit among many gamers, there are some drawbacks to the game that will make it tough for it to be successful long term.

One thing about the game is that it only allows one gamers to play one at a time. Also, the girls will never strip down past their underwear which is the reason many gamers would be interested in the game in the first place. When playing Blackjack, the hands get dealt very slowly and it can become bothersome waiting between each of the hands. The characters in the game also seem to draw to 21 more times than the odds say they should. Once a player sees the different characters strip down the first time, there is really nothing left for gamers to see in the game. It will become basically a poker or blackjack video game, which could end up boring some gamers fairly quickly. Even with these few drawbacks, the release of "Sexy Poker" should create quite a buzz in the gaming world.

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