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New Promotion Found Through Full Tilt Poker For September Only

Poker News - August 31st, 2009 - Written by Glen

full tilt pokerA new promotion begins on September 1st for all players subscribed to Full Tilt Poker, the world's second largest online poker room. While they are perhaps most known for their massive tournaments, full tilt also provides cash games, also known as ring games, for their players. These cash games will be subject to the hottest new promotion to hit Full Tilt, the Take 2 program.

Many players who engage in online poker tend to play at two to three tables a a time, allowing them more possibilities to win, as well as a higher rate of income per hour. Now those players who enjoy more than one table at a time will find a new system of rewards. The Take 2 program will not only give an additional cash bonus, but also increase the amount of Full Tilt points that are accrued per hand.

This new system will give players up to $50 dollars for free, posted directly to their account. Playing for five days out of the month that the promotion is active will grant a $5 dollar bonus, in addition to the extra Full Tilt points. This is a process that continues, and if a player plays through the tenth day, you will receive an additional $10 dollars, all of which is cumulative. The fifteenth day will grant another $10 dollars, while the twenty fifth of the thirty days that the promotion is active will give an additional $25, totaling to $50 dollars.

Players will also receive additional points during Full Tilt's Happy Hour. Players will effectively gain four times the Full Tilt points than they would have otherwise. The tables that are used, the more points that will be accrued. Happy Hour will also boost the player's point earning potential, as per the terms of the agreements. All of the bonuses provided can be monitored through Full Tilt's cashier, giving you a detailed analysis of how many points you have, as well as how much of the bonus has been applied. Take 2 ends September 30th, giving an entire month's worth of free play.

If you have not yet signed up for Full Tilt, you can sign up now to receive a 100% match bonus to $600 dollars, giving you even more money to play with. You must accumulate Full Tilt points to earn this bonus, making the two promotions go hand in hand to give you an overwhelming bonus of epic proportions.

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