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Trouble Strikes Palm Beach Casino Cruise

Casino News - December 4th, 2009 - Written by Glen

casino cruiseIn the middle of October, West Palm Beach's premier day cruise liner, the Palm Beach Princess, had faced trouble with the weather, losing out on several days worth of cruises. Now in early December, a strike has hit the cruise ship.

This strike has been caused by financial issues, and was exacerbated by the firing of the captain of the ship. A new captain had been brought in, though he lacked the proper license.

The strike took a turn for the worst when members of the crew rushed the deck, shouting, screaming, making a general commotion, and sounding the ship's horn. Authorities had arrived at the scene to maintain a safe environment as well as preventing foreign crew members from stepping off the boat onto American soil.

Reports state that the situation was resolved, but the ship was grounded for several days. Financial woes are affecting many land based casinos, though the Top USA Online Casinos have been left relatively unharmed by the recession. Last year the ship was bought out of bankruptcy, yet financial problems seem to be continuing rather than receding.

The Palm Beach Post contributed to this article