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Hilton Casino Gets Fined for Underage Gambling

Casino News - August 6th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

Gambling laws have gotten stricter over the past several years and one of the most enforced laws is gamblers meet a certain age criteria, which is determined by each individual state. One of the most prestigious casinos in Atlantic City, The Hilton Casino, was fined approximately $115,000 this week, making it the second largest fine pertaining to underage gambling. Although casino employees can sometimes be fooled with fake identification, it is the responsibility of the casino to at the very least to ask anyone who enters the casino to provide a valid form of ID in order to participate in any activity taking place in the casino. Players that are of legal age will generally carry identification with them and will not take offense to being carded even on multiple occasions.

Some casino regulators feel that the responsibility lies solely on each casino and their management and punishment entailed when violators are discovered should be way more harsh than being reprimanded with fines. When casinos are caught with underage gamblers present, much like Bally's Atlantic City who last year was fined $157,000, asking them to pay money, that they obviously have no problem forking out, is not much of a punishment.

The security staff in a casino has been granted more authority when it comes to enforcing casino laws and regulations.Only until recently, security offers only had the right to escort casino violators off the premises, where as now, violators can be detained by security personnel and held until proper authorities arrive at the scene.

Any persons under the legal gambling age caught gambling will be charged a nice fee of their own, much as they should. Although it is the responsibility of the casino to verify legal age, those who illegally attempt to participate in gambling should have to face the consequences of their actions. By imposing a fine on violators of this law, casinos hope to avoid further attempts to enter casinos and or play any form of gambling by those underage

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