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Denver Broncos Player LaMont Jordan is Being Sued by Las Vegas Casino

Casino News - August 10th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

A Las Vegas casino finds themselves in a struggle to collect on debt from NFL player LaMont Jordan. LaMont Jordan is being sued by Las Vegas's Mirage Casino for uncollected gambling debt totaling over $20,000. The suit filed in Clark County Court states that Jordan entered the casino on several occasions in June of 2008 where he took out several lines of credits ranging from $1000 to $6000. When those lines of credit were presented to the Bank of America in an attempt to collect payment, 3 were returned as "unable to locate account" and three more were returned as "not sufficient funds".

The way that gambling instruments work is players, such as LaMont Jordan, sign for a line of credit, much like writing a check. The funds must be personally accessible to cover the credit issued by the casino. In this case, LaMont may of knowingly accepted lines of credit knowing he did not have the funds to cover the debt or simply may of be a misunderstanding between the bank and the casino. Maybe a time period had passed and LaMont's personal banking accounts have been moved, either way you look at it he owes the casino the amount of the credit lines and any interest up to 18% a year.

Jordan first filled out his application for a line of credit at the Mirage Casino back in 2006, when his occupation at that time was listed as a professional football player for the Oakland Raiders. Since then, he has spent time with the Patriots and is current on the Denver Broncos roster. Several unsuccessful attempts have been made to contact LaMont Jordan through the Denver Broncos. Jordan's career dates back to his time with the Jets during the 2001-2004

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