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Casino Cheaters May Find Themselves in the Griffin Book

Casino News - August 8th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

For those of you who have ever wondered how it is that the dealer seems to win a majority of the hands when sitting at the table of a casino, well some say that luck is on their side. That statement can be true for both the dealer and the player. It is all a matter of math to be quite frank. If you sit there at a particular game long enough, chances are you will eventually win. It goes without saying that could take several hours of play and large amounts of cash before you actually start to see a kick back from the casino. The Casino business has the opportunity to gain large amount and revenue and profit, especially from the sin cities such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Although we have heard of struggling times for casino businesses, some have managed to stay afloat and even make a little money in this entertainment business.

With every American suffering at least a little from the struggling economy, desperate attempts to make a quick dollar bring people to resort to unfair game play. Unfair play does not necessarily mean that the players activity is illegal, however that can be the case as well. For example, some players have managed to master the form of card counting. What that does is allow players to predict what other players may be holding in order to increase a wager and or know when to fold. It is a lot harder than it sounds but there are people out there who have mastered that skill that in the long run can make them a very wealthy player. That kind of activity is not tolerated by casinos and if caught will earn the guilty party a place in the Griffin Book.

The Griffin Book is what a lot of people refer to as the "black book".  If you are unlucky enough to make your way into that book, you will be baned by not only the casino that caught you but by other casinos that use that book as well. Not only will your name appear in the Griffin Book, but a picture will also be displayed so that casino employees and security can identify you. Casinos strive to provide each and every player with fair game play and they have a strict guideline that they follow to ensure that that is exactly what happens. A player that chooses to use skills that are frowned upon by the casino industry, may very well find their casino cheating careers stopped dead in their tracks.

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