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Bill Clinton Takes a Trip to Sin City

Casino News - August 15th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

When people think of Las Vegas, one of the first things that come to mind is money. Vegas is the sin city capitol of the world and people generally go their to have a good time and win money, but with the economy the way it has been over the past few years, Vegas has experienced just what it means to be low on visitors. Even Governor Jim Gibbons has made a desperate plea with the president for financial support as well as restoring the image the Vegas has been so well known for.

"I think a face-to-face meeting between the president, myself, and Nevada business leaders would do a lot to help overcome the perception that President Obama finds visiting Las Vegas somehow offensive," Gibbons said. "If President Obama can come to Las Vegas to ask for political campaign cash, he can certainly take some time to explore helping the people who live and work here, we are all Americans."

One to many times did Gibbons pleas go unacknowledged, so much so that he beliefs the Obama administrations is somewhat responsible for the states troubling times.

"I am working hard to get more jobs and more tourists for Nevada to help our economy recover and the Obama administration seems to be completely unaware of the damage they are causing to Nevada's economy and the people here," Gibbons said. "The policies of the Obama administration have sentenced Nevada's economy to the gallows."

Some people think that if you make enough ruckus you will get the desired attention, and in this case that is exactly how it played out. Although Gibbons issues have not been addressed by Obama, Bill Clinton will be take a trip to the Sin City to discus possible solutions for the states troubles. Will Clinton's presence be enough to get recognition from the people that can address the government issues and financial troubles? Will Vegas soon be a the fast road to recovery? We can only assume that Clinton has some cards to play and his luck will
somewhat rub off in Las Vegas.

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