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When the courts declared that the legalities of online gambling can be determined by the state, it was only a matter of time before Las Vegas Online Gambling became a topic of debate. Sin City's major selling point to many tourists is that of the gambling, but the price of travel and lodging may be deemed too much by some. With the advent of online gambling, these travel and hotel expenses became extraneous. With the ability to bring Las Vegas to your home, gambling has never been easier nor more fun, though true Las Vegas Online Gambling has been somewhat difficult to achieve for the American player.

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The UIGEA and Las Vegas Online Gambling

On June 1st, 2010, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act went into effect after a six month delay from the initial starting point. Though many attempts were made to repeal the UIGEA and establish legal online gambling licenses in the United States, most efforts had failed. What did happen, however, was that the US 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals determined that each individual state had the right to determine online gambling laws within their borders. Because of this, Las Vegas Online Gambling may soon become a reality, as many casino operators in Nevada have been lobbying for a repeal to the UIGEA in their state.

Why Would Las Vegas Turn To Online Gambling?

Since online gambling is currently operating regardless of regulation, the casino companies in Las Vegas stand to lose a bit of money. The licensing, regulation, and legalization of Las Vegas Online Gambling could help recoup the losses found within the city, as well as make up for them. Some of the gambling providers in Las Vegas have already begun to make strides in the industry, including one of the largest - Harrah's. Though American's do not yet have access to the gambling centers licensed from Las Vegas, they are being built and established for the future.

Potential Types of Las Vegas Online Gambling

Las Vegas carries three main forms of gambling, and each form already has offshore gambling sites. The licensing of online gambling sites within Las Vegas would likely include, at the very least, online casinos and poker, though online sportsbooks could also eventually been incorporated. Online casinos and poker rooms are already being designed for Las Vegas Online Gambling, though they are not yet ready nor accessible my American players. Lobbyists are pushing to bring these licensed forms of online gambling to a legal forefront. Fortunately, more and more players, business owners, and even legislators are pushing to make legal Las Vegas Online Gambling a reality.

Las Vegas Online Casinos

The Las Vegas Online Gambling options would invariably include Las Vegas Online Casinos. Online casinos provide players with the hottest action of Las Vegas without actually leaving home. The proposed Las Vegas Online Gambling legalization would bring players all of the games in a Las Vegas based casino. Be it craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, or anything else in between, these online casinos would allow players a shot at any of these games. Rumor has it that some casino companies, Harrah's in particular, has already established an online casino, though they are not open for operation in the United States. We do have some alternatives, however, that will let you play all of the USA online casinos' games in a safe, fair, and professional environment prior to the legalization of Las Vegas Online gambling.

Available Casinos for Now 1st Bonus Software Review Visit
Las Vegas USA Casino $125 RTG Visit
Pure Vegas Casino $1,200(2x) RTG Visit
Cherry Red Casino $2,400 RTG Visit
Sloto Cash Casino $1,500 Rival Gaming 5 stars rival Visit
Jackpot Capital Casino $100 RTG Visit
Superior Casino $2,000 Rival Gaming Visit
Rome Casino $9,000 Top Game 4 stars Visit
Win Palace Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Slots Oasis Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Rushmore Casino $2,000 RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online $125 RTG Visit
Vegas Regal Casino $500 Rival Gaming Visit
Bovada Casino $500 RTG 4 stars Visit

Cherry Red Casino - $2,400 In Free Casino Bonuses With Slots Match

Cherry Red Casino is currently operating is considered one of the top USA Friendly Casinos. They use the Real Time Gaming Software. Cherry Red offers a wide variety of deposit bonuses, including a series of ten 100% match bonuses to $777. With up to $7,777 in free cash, Cherry Red Casino has proven to be one of the best gaming centers in the business. Visit Cherry Red Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino - $125 Free With $100 Deposit, Additional 30% Past $100

Las Vegas USA Casino, despite its name, is not licensed by any company in Nevada. It is, however, a close resemblance to the industry. Las Vegas USA Casino allows players the option to enjoy the best that online gambling has to offer, with every game included there in. Las Vegas USA offers USA Casino Bonuses that include a 125% match to $125, followed by a 25% to $500 bonus. These promotions can be received all on your first deposit. Visit Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas Online Sports Betting

The most confusing aspect of the Las Vegas Online Gambling would be that of sports betting. Sports betting has always been one of the more confusing aspects of online gambling for a variety of reasons. Not only is sports betting almost universally illegal, but it is also the one type of gambling that is most commonly associated with organized crime - partially because of it being mostly illegal. Thankfully, online sports betting has saved many players from having to contend with illegal sports betting. Las Vegas Online Sportsbooks are not quite a reality, and they may also remain unlicensed even when other forms of online gambling are brought about, but they are the one form of gambling that many are looking forward to being licensed in States rather than off shore. As with the other forms of gambling, we have made it a point to locate the USA Online Sportsbooks that you can use in the intervening time while waiting for legally licensed forms of Las Vegas Online gambling.

Rank Available USA Sportsbooks Sports Betting Bonuses Rating Visit
1 DSI Sportsbook 20% to $500 DSI sportsbook 5 stars VISIT
2 Bovada Sportsbook 20% to $100 Bodog Sportsbook 5 stars VISIT
3 BookMaker 20% to $500 5 star Bookmaker VISIT
4 BetUS Sliding Match to 45% betus ranking VISIT
5 5 Dimes 50% to $200 Bet Online ranking VISIT
6 10% to $100 rating VISIT

DSI Sportsbook - 10% or 20% Matching Bonus Worth Up To $500

Diamond Sportsbook International, DSI for short, has long been providing players with online sports betting. No matter what sport you wish to use, Diamond Sportsbook will invariably have it as an option. They offer a 20% match bonus to $500, which can be used on any number of betting lines found through their sportsbook. If you are looking for a fair, legitimate and, most importantly, safe location for the Best USA Online Sports Betting, then DSI is the place for you. Visit DSI

Las Vegas Online Poker

The legalization of Las Vegas Online Gambling would also include poker. Las Vegas Online Poker is something that these gambling operators are already considering. With the World Series of Poker growing out of control, thousands of players are annually visiting Las Vegas to participate in the event. Many players are even winning entry to these tournaments through online poker, though the online poker rooms are not part of the Las Vegas Online Gambling industry. The incorporation of online poker, as licensed by Las Vegas gambling sites, would make it much easier for players who want to make their way playing poker in a legal, safe, and secure environment. Las Vegas Online Gambling may not be licensed yet, but we do know of a few USA Online Poker sites with which you can play your favorite types of poker for real money over the Internet.

Rank Presently Available Poker Sites Bonuses Peak Players Rating Visit
1 Bovada Poker $1,000 20k+ Players VISIT

Bovada Poker - Huge 100% Match Bonus Valued Up To $1,000

One of the online poker rooms accepting USA players is called Bovada Poker. Bovada provides a 110% match to $1,100 which is a solid infusion of free online poker bonuses into your bankroll. They have tables of all sorts, including hold 'em, Omaha, stud, and more. Bovada has made it a point to be one of the safest and most versatile of all online poker rooms, and is a solid stepping stone until the legalization of Las Vegas Online Poker. Visit Bovada

The Future of Las Vegas Online Gambling

As we have already stated, Las Vegas Online Gambling is not yet licensed, and thus we do not have any sites for you to gamble in the locations powered by Las Vegas operators. Many of the big names in the casino industry in Vegas are pushing to change this through lobbying, and even more of them are designing their own web based gambling portals for use when the laws do change to allow a licensure for USA Online Gambling. We will continue to monitor the industry as time goes by, updating you when this theory becomes reality. Until then we can only offer you the websites that offer something similar to Las Vegas Online Gambling.